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91 Testimonials, 110 exclaimation points! and counting.

Kristin Armstrong, 2008/2012 Beijing & London Olympics Gold Medalist
Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"Who would have guessed that one of the first things that I had to do after winning the Olympic gold medal in Beijing was to hire a speech writer and coach? Thank goodness Cliff was referred to me by my PR firm. Cliff has made my job easy to say the least. After speaking with him I immediately sensed the professionalism and passion he had for his work. Just like I have for the bike - I figured that this has to be a great fit. It was! The first speech I had him help me with was spot on. This speech was a challenge to say the least, or so I thought in the beginning. I told Cliff that I was going to speak to a hundred sales managers from across the country. They all worked for a company called MWI which is one of the largest veterinarian supply companies in the US. My first question was, "why in the world would this group want to hear what I have to say?" Cliff responded with, "it's simple - your story." From that moment on I was confident knowing that it doesn't matter who the audience is, they just want to be inspired and motivated through my story. In just a few days, I received my speech. Wow, I can't believe how exciting my story became. Like I said, Cliff made my job easy. The speech was nicely written and even included large "P's" and other fun and helpful presentation notes along the way. I quickly learned that the "P's" referred to pauses. Basically, take a breath and PAUSE for several seconds at a time (I am a fast talker so this helped out tremendously). The notes that were included throughout the speech were also very helpful. For example - bring the mood down, become excited, or the audience will laugh here. When I was presenting the speech, it amazed me that every audience reaction note that Cliff wrote throughout the speech ("audience will laugh here"), is exactly what the audience did. Just as Cliff predicted. Talk about being in tune with the audience. My first speech went so well I was asked back to speak a month later. There is no bigger compliment than that. I couldn't have done it without the inspiration and confidence that Cliff gave me. He keeps things exciting and adds a new and different twists for each new audience. I actually love motivational speaking now and look forward to each and every opportunity I get to share my story."

Jana Stanfield, International Professional Speaker, Singer, Songwriter
Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"A genius of a speech coach...who makes his CLIENTS look like geniuses! Cliff coached me for my second TEDx talk. After the success of this TED talk, I wish he coached me when I did the first one at NASA! For 18 minutes at TEDx in India, I planned to start with a song in sign language, and end with a song that would get the audience singing, clapping and on their feet for a giant finish. Cliff had a better idea. Since I was on after 5 speakers before me, Cliff suggested starting big, getting people on their feet, clapping and singing, to energize the audience, and then...he had an even better idea. "Jana, consider closing the speech by doing one last verse in total silence, signing the song for those around the world who can't hear." Then, an even better idea: "Could you get a local percussion player to come up out of the audience, so that it's just the sound of his hands on the drum, while you performing the words to the song with only your hands?" I could feel the power of those even better ideas instantly, but it was nothing like the breathtaking power, of 1200 people in India watching a young musician who was invited from the audience, sitting barefoot on the floor of the stage with his tablas, tapping out the traditional Indian rhythms while my hands silently said, "I cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that I can do." TOTALLY ROCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!!!!"

Jack Canfield, Co-author of The Success Principles™ and Chicken Soup for the Soul®
Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"The Anti-Elevator Speech is a new and exciting way to become interesting, engaging, and authentic to perspective clients and business partners. Simple and practical, this system will supercharge your networking. I love Cliff’s focus on creating a relationship instead of pushing a sale. The Anti-Elevator Speech is well worth reading and implementing."

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"Your assistance, training and expertise allowed me to be relaxed and truly enjoy connecting with the audience. I have learned from your CD set, the articles published on your website and I am currently enjoying your book 'The Anti-Elevator Speech'."
Dennis Kearns, one of the two men that the movie and true story "Flash of Genius" is about. dennis@dennis-kearns.com

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"Working with Cliff brought additional benefits to my clients, and certainly enhanced my skills as a public relations professional. Cliff grabbed their attention the moment he started speaking. He went far beyond run-of-the-mill speech training, and brought everyone additional insight into the best ways to reach and hold the attention of an audience. I have no doubt that my clients felt more comfortable and confident after listening to Cliff. I highly recommend Cliff as a presentation coach and speaker."
Alan Upchurch, Marx Layne, Sernior Vice President - Marx Layne & Company

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"To those of you who do not know Cliff all I can say is that I follow him and listen to him any chance I get! After I heard him speak for a first time I purchased every product he had to sell and it was life changing for me! He not only is amazing coach who was able to teach me how to share my story on the stage – what is more important he gave me the JOY of being on the stage! You probably know that most people fear public speaking more than death – if you are student of Cliff that would change – guaranteed!"
Mariana Juliette, MarianaJuliette.com

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"You are an awesome speaker!! I have not enjoyed a speaker like I've enjoyed you. You put Tony Robbins to shame. You really rock on motivation!!!"
Barbara Strauch, Star Designer, Celebrating Home

Speech Writing Testimonial"What you did for me in just short 2 hours played the major role in how I was able to get on the stage in front of 350 people and tell them my story. I made people cry, I had no idea that it was even possible. The most important thing - you helped me to believe that there is nothing in this world that I can't do if I really want to, all I need to do is to find the right mentor and put my heart into it.. Just for one night in my life I was a star, and it felt amazing."
Rita Dalian, Cancer Free Life Advocate

Speech Writing Testimonial"I think that Cliff Suttle's coaching is extremely helpful to both experienced and neophyte speakers. He has an easy to understand user friendly way of doing business."
Peter Ajluni, President of the American Osteopathic Association 2007/2008

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"Storytelling for Business was an amazing workshop. Any one doing presentations of any type NEEDS to take this workshop. The combined experience and knowledge of Marilyn and Cliff was amazing. They didn't just talk about doing things, they each walked you through it and shared the basis for each insight they shared. I have been doing presentations for over 21 years and I found this workshop PRICELESS. I can' t wait to implement these skills into my next presentation. Thanks!"
Lin Klaassen, Face Reading by Lin

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"Your message, The Anti-Elevator Speech, is right on the money and a critical skill for any business person intent on making genuine and real connections. Your book should be required reading for all sales or independent sales people."
Daron Power, Author, Speaker, and Coach DaronPowers.com

Public Speaking Testimonial"Listening to Cliff speak allowed us to make strategic marketing changes just before new materials were sent to print. THANK YOU CLIFF!"
Adam Greive, President AG Maintenance

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"THANK YOU for the excellent presentation on Thursday at Ciber in Southfield titled "Creating a Sea Worthy Team" by Cliff. Best PDU training session so far. "
William P Young, PMP, ITIL-F, IT Project Manager, UnitedHealth Group

Public Speaking Testimonial"I've been doing this for nine years, and in two hours Cliff made me think about impromptu speaking in a radically different way. THANK YOU! By the way, I took a quick look at the evaluations. You rocked the house! Somebody even gave you a 5+. Best in show, dude!"
Karen Holland, Special Events Coordinator, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Public Speaking Testimonial"As always Cliff, you were AMAZING! I can listen to you for hours and every time I hear you speak I learn a lot. You are an excellent coach and eliminated my fear of public speaking in only two hours. Thank YOU!!!"
Mariana Juliette, Business Owner www.BeLocationFree.com

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"I absolutely loved Cliff Suttle's presentation, I even saw it again, and have two of his books. I look forward to more presentations like his. "
Douglas M. Bismack Stampin' Up!

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"Cliff isn't "subtle" ... He's a talented motivator who is making me dream bigger and better!"
John Zadikian, Owner/Talent John Zadikian Voiceovers

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"Cliff gave me a lot to think about. This will change my business forever."
Stephanie Keffer, Massage by Stephanie

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"A must hear for any networking, sales group!! No nonsense approach. Very informational and outside the box."
Suzanne Pavlak, Senior Supervisor, Bismack Incentives

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"Cliff was the show! Very interactive. Made you not what to leave your seat."
Bridget Goudolock, Tastefully Simple

Public Speaking Testimonial"Cliff, I LOVED your shapes comparison. They were GREAT! I had never considered such a simple system could be so effective!"
Haley H. Haynes, Market America

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"Cliff, you taught me something that I can use immediately, that is why I was here. Thank You!"
Margaret Harris, Owner, MarsBell24

Public Speaking Testimonial"Thanks Cliff for the great tips!! Redesigning my business cards today!!"
Laura Wyatt, Director Downriver and Detroit Business Association

Public Speaking Testimonial"I always go away from one of Cliff's presentations with a golden nugget that makes my company more fun and always more profitable."
Kevin Pelto, Detroit Excellent Adventures

Public Speaking Testimonial"The Anti-Elevator Speech was such a relief! I am so excited to get out and test my new hook to see the reactions that I will get. Thank you SO MUCH!!"
Barbar Hempton, Arbonne International

Public Speaking Testimonial"'Don't Be A Sales Monster' held my attention for well over an hour. For a squiggle to listen to anything for an hour is UNBELIEVABLE!! If you don't know what a squiggle is, you need to meet Cliff Suttle before the sun goes down today!"
Terry Coker,Sales and Marketing Consultant

Public Speaking Testimonial"He makes so much sense. I've taken many sales courses, spent tons of money, and what Cliff gave me for free was more valuable."
John Horger, High Performance Sysstems, Inc.

Interviewing Skills Testimonial"I'm a 4th year medical student currently interviewing for residency positions throughout the Mid-West. This period is famously one of the most stressful in the career of all medical students. However, Cliff's teachings have provided me a tremendous foundation of knowledge about the science of interpersonal communication. Being armed with this knowledge has increased my confidence allowing me to actually have fun at these interviews and has given me a clear advantage over other candidates. Thanks Cliff!"
Todd M. Hoffman, Medical Student Wayne State Univerisity

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"I've always known that elevator speeches were not the answer. Thanks to Cliff, now I have the answer!"
Kenneth Berry, Raymon James

Public Speaking Testimonial"Cliff just turned my business world upside down! Wow, what a rush!! Great information. I know this will only help me to grow my business."
Mary Ann Jackson, ower - Inner Balance

Public Speaking Testimonial"This presentation changed the way I look at networking!! It is a total 180 from the old school networking style!!!!!"
Doug Pettigrew, Owner/Troublemaker Electronic Brain Solutions

Public Speaking Testimonial"The talk was so informative! Cliff is so personable and I would do business with him!!!!"
Harriet Cole, Owner Healhty Habits

Public Speaking Testimonial"Cliff is the most creative speaker I have ever met. He has a rare gift."
Darren Lacroix, 2001 International Champion of Public Speaking www.Humor411.com

Public Speaking Testimonial"You exceeded my expectations today! I find that so rewarding a feeling that I wanted to write you immediately and let you know that if you ever need a reference please don't hesitate to call on me."
Penny Shanks, Executive Director, Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"Cliff does a FANTASTIC job breaking down the basics of your initial contact with your customer. He explains the why and how and helps you find the better 'you'!"
Melanie Hinds, Manager,Gold Canyon

Public Speaking Testimonial"You've helped me learn how to transform myself from boring to exciting in a few easy steps. I'll be fishing for customers!!"
Sandy Fearn, Gold Demonstrator, Gold Canyon Canyon Candles

Public Speaking Testimonial"Entertaining! Engaging! Informational! Highly recommend Cliff to help all direct sales professionals go beyond their company's training in order to make a great first impression and keep life-long clients/customers."
Diane E. Fortier, Crystal Boutique

Speaking Training Testimonial"Cliff, I loved working with you and learned more in that 2 hours than I have in any other 2 hours of my life!"
Lenora Boyle, President Option Central

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"Your presentations always deliver! My networking results have been phenomenal since using your Anti-Elevator speech. I also took your advise and changed my business cards and people have really responded to them. Thank You!"
Michelle Cole, Star Manager - Tupperware

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"If you want to make a difference in the lives of the people you meet, Cliff's material is a must. His creativity, integrity and passion will change your life!"
Greg Rau - Greg Rau & Associates, Inc.

Business Training Testimonial"Great presentation! I definately came away with a better understand of myself and others. I want to bring on my team and build a strong team! Thank you!"
Shari Campbell - Independent Consultant, Partylite

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"Oh my GOSH! YOU ROCKED! Thanks so much for being our speaker."
Dawnaree Demrose, President - Pontiac Regional Chamber of Commerce

Business Training Testimonial"I am always so skeptical when I attend certain functions. However, by the end of the talk, Cliff managed to convert me. He gave excellent tips that are the missing links in my own presentations. The time I spent with Cliff was totally worth it."
Sharon Jeter, President - PC Tutor

Public Speaking Testimonial"AWESOME!!! If this doesn't excite you, stay home ..."
Lisa Vilella, Agent/Owner Farm Buearo Insurance

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"The comments and feedback were absolutely over-the-top. You brought a polish, an insight, a perspective and a tone that resonated with everyone in the room. Your ears should have been burning for the next several days!"
Nancy Zychowicz - Lt. Governor of Education & Training, Toastmaster District 28

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"Creating a hook and reel to do that has been so helpful. Cliff really makes you stop and learn to ask the right questions."
Carol Evans, Level II Executive ConsultantRodan & Fields,

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"You taught me less is more! I learned GREAT tips to use after 17 years in my direct selling business."
Paula Wark, Manager, Watkins

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"Cliff did an awesome job!! His knowledge of 'what to do' instead of 'what NOT TO DO' is worth far more than the cost of any other speaker I have ever heard! He is personal, funny, and professional."
Sheila Tacy - Longaberger Baskets

Public Speaking Testimonial"Excellent Presentation! Such simple technigues. My Mom always told me never to answer a question with a question. Obviously, she wasn't a well trained interviewer."
Ken Collins, Lion's Den Ministry

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"High energy presentation with crystal clarity. Don't miss a chance to hear Cliff make a presentation."
Ken Gundberg - Director Motor City Free Geek

Business Training Testimonial"I learned more about teams in two hours than I have learned in the last five years! And, I study teams a lot. Cliff speaks with clarity on important topics and makes them fun."
Gus Nelson - Engineer

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"I got so excited about the Anti-Elevator speech that I made plans to come hear it live! Two of my business partners are using the information as well. The first time I attempted to use the information the lady wanted to know how long it would take for us to call her and set up an appointment."
Darlene Williams, National Sales Director - myEcon

Business Training Testimonial"You were the first person that finally helped me explain what I do simply and effectively!"
Amada Butler - Keenawah & Associates

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"Cliff showed me a fantastic way to find and build new relationships with people! This will help me build my sales and team. Thank You."
Colleen Scannell - Creative Memories

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"Your speech connected with everyone! GREAT SPEECH! AWESOME! Informative and sure to get results if we follow the steps!"
Sharon Westwood - AAA Insurance Company

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"Goodbye elevator speech, hello anti-elevator hook and reel."
Rex Tubbs, Owner, Engraving Connection

Public Speaking Testimonial"Great info - very empowering! Cliff is an engaging speaker! Cliff's comments at the end of the speech about our value not being determined by our job or pay was a great message!"
Paula Kirsch, Energetic Living

Public Speaking Testimonial"Everyone really enjoyed your presentation and valuable information you shared. You were wonderful."
Marie Hauswirth, Executive Director, Waterford Chamber of Commerce

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial, Business Networking"You are direct and straight to the point. Helps your business get a great start. Makes you stand out!!!"
Annie Wejrandt, Teamleader, The Pampered Chef

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"A very exciting method of changing small things in order to make a huge difference."
Karen Moreen, Organ and Miler Realtors, www.karenmorren.com

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"This was the best presentation I have been to this year. I can't wait to try it with new clients and see the reaction."
Maureen Murphy Boyd, GMAC Mortgage

Business Training Testimonial"I never realized the differences in people the way I learned from Cliff. This will help me know my people at a new level to help us all suceed. I will hear what people are saying in a whole new light. Thank You!"
Suzie Delecki - Unit Leader Partylite

Public Speaking Testimonial"Wow! Breath of fresh 'speaker.' He gave me strategies to get engaged with potential customers right away! I know that my business event ROI would be at least double."
Janak Mehta, PREasy

Public Speaking Testimonial"Cliff was a great speaker. He gave simple and practical interview techniques that I will use. The information is very valuable."
Barbara Magyar, EDS Credit Union

Anti Elevator Speech Testimonial"Cliff did an excellent job displaying why some of the things I was doing and saying were not memorable. PLUS, he gave great ideas to fix it! Great job! Cliff"
Heidi Netter, Area Director - Escape Internations

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"The workshop Cliff gave was fun, inspiring, and educational. Everyone would benefit from this learning experience and the great session!"
Danielle Zhu, Co-founder, Learning Bridge

Public Speaking Testimonial"This presentation was packed with information, presented in a fun way, and prompted great discussions. It was worth my time, and it will be worth yours too."
Todd List

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"The Anti-Elevator Speech was an excellent secret for me to learn."
Charlene Jeter, President - Smart Business Professionals

Public Speaking Training Testimonial"Great Session, started the creative juices flowing."
Sue Pegan, CRM SPecialist - Hershey Insurance Group

Business Networking Training Testimonial"I'm wondering if you know how much you captivated everyones attention with your opening and shape presentation. That was fantastic and appreciated a lot."
Sandy Barris - Business Marketing Services

Business Networking Training Testimonial"It is amazing how much little things can change the whole attitude of a conversation. I now can watch for these things and fix any speech error I may have."
Matt Hobbs, Corporate Accounts Executive - Grid 4 Communications

Public Speaking Training Testimonial"Cliff gave great information that could be applied to many situations. Wonderful session."
James Brawa, myEcon, Inc., National Sales Director

*"Cliff captured the interest of the audience with his powerful and dynamic approach to public speaking and presentation skills. His humor added the fuel which supercharged the audience and involved them in a steady question and answer period."
Brenda Durling - President National Association of Career Women

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"Talk about magnitude! The delivery of your presentation during the Humorous and Table Topic Workshop, I'm sure has left a mark upon the minds of those who soaked up "The Trick to Winning," given from a winner's prospective. Congratulations, on helping to accomplishing the mission that was set before us."
Pam Williams, Vice Governor of Public Relations, Toastmasters District 28

Motivational Speaking Testimonial"Cliff has a belief in the potential of the human spirt that is truly inspiring."
Cleo Parker, Senior Manager Strategic Planning, BBDO

Public Speaking Testimonial"I've heard Cliff speak twice, and learned something new each time. His Anti-Elevator speech book is packed with great ideas and information."
Joni Van Selous, Send out Cards

Public Speaking Training Testimonial"Cliff is the mastermind of speaking. Now I have the formula. I left his workshop feeling very much empowered."
Ida Vance, CEO Speaking for Success

Life Coaching Testimonial"The lessons you gave me for speaking (and life), I have taken to heart and always will remember. You have already given me more incite into myself, with respect to other people (speaking, etc), then I have gotten in the last~ 30 years or so. Just WOW!"
Gus Nelson, TRW

Public Speaking Testimonial"Cliff's simple, no nonsense ideas are gret, and not one's I would have thought of on my own! I'm planning my hook and reel already."
Craig Bacrus, Embroid Me

Public Speaking Testimonial"Not only were you entertaining, you also did a great job in getting your message across. The feedback from our members was all positive. I hope we will have the opportunity to work together in the future."
Dianne Cojei, Canton Chamber of Commerce

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! You really "wowed" us today. All of us were listening, learning, and being amused with your EVERY WORD. I don't think I'm exaggerating in saying you are at the highest level possible."
Tom Schlack, Remax Reality

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"Well Worth my time and money. Good information to apply!! Excellent."
John Courson, Johnson Controls

Public Speaking Testimonial"Great speaker, down to earth and easy to understand. Shared a wealth of information. I'm glad I came."
David Peek, The Detroit Zija

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"I heard you three times now. Once with the Alarm Clock (Humorous), this April Turn Off the Light (Speech) and this weekend on Storytelling. You have a fabulously hilarious style and an exuberant passion for speechcraft. The energy, voice fluctuation, facial & gestures were great! Drama, entertainment value and spellbinding and captivating the audience were excellent. "
Mukhles U. Rahman Senior Project Manager- Global Beverages

Business Coaching Testimonial"I've learned so many great tips on how to make myself memorable. I am going to start by redoing my business cares and putting my hook on it."
Carol Peters, GMC Mortgage

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"I found Cliff's presentations very helpful ..."
Sonya Vann, Editor, Mae McKinley Press

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial "Loved the practicality of your speaking tips/pointers . . ."
Ivory D. Williams, President WMS & Associates

Business Coaching Testimonial"You made the art of being memorable a very enjoyable lesson . . ."
Joanne Crotty, Chapman Appraisal Group

Business Coaching Testimonial"Cliff is a great presenter. He gives lively presentations that teach lessons that are easy to understand and use."
Bruce Bacon, Maritz Research

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"This session was so enjoyable, attention getting, riveting, that I would recommend Cliff Suttle as a presenter to any company."
Joy Perry, Ohio

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"Great speech, very relevant and Entertaining!"
Lewis Hoar, Sales representative, Riverside Machine & Automation

Public Speaking, Keynote Speaker Testimonial"Excellent presentation. I learned some wonderful skills and tips."
Ike Odum, Ford Motor Corporation