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"What you did for me in just short 2 hours played the major role in how I was able to get on the stage in front of 350 people and tell them my story. I made people cry, I had no idea that it was even possible. Just for one night in my life I was a star, and it felt amazing."
Rita Dalian, Cancer Free Life Advocate

*Executive Speeches
*Fund Raisers
*Political Speeches
*Board Meetings/Stock Holders Meetings
*After Dinner Speeches
*Wedding Toasts and MORE!

You wouldn't be a hockey goalie without the best protective equipment you can buy. You wouldn't jump out of an airplane without the best parachute you can get. Why would you give a speech without a great speech writer at your side?

All big time politicians employ speech writers. All top flight executives employ speech writers. Why not you? A great word smith can take your thoughts and turn them into auditory gold. It's your message only on steroids. You don't have to be a millionaire to sound like a million bucks.

Here is what Kristin Armstrong, 2008 Beijing Gold Medalist, has to say about working with Cliff;

"Who would have guessed that one of the first things that I had to do after winning the Olympic gold medal in Beijing was to hire a speech writer and coach? Thank goodness Cliff was referred to me by my PR firm. Cliff has made my job easy to say the least. After speaking with him, I immediately sensed the professionalism and passion he had for his work. Just like I have for the bike - I figured that this had to be a great fit. It was!
The first speech he helped me with was spot on. This speech was a challenge to say the least, or so I thought in the beginning. I told Cliff that I was going to speak to a hundred sales managers from across the country. They all worked for a company called MWI which is one of the largest veterinarian supply companies in the US. My first question was, 'why in the world would this group want to hear what I have to say?' Cliff responded with, 'it's simple - your story.' From that moment on I was confident knowing that it doesn't matter who the audience is, they just want to be inspired and motivated through my story. In just a few days, I received my speech. Wow, I can't believe how exciting my story became. Like I said, Cliff made my job easy. The speech was nicely written and even included large 'P's' and other fun and helpful presentation notes along the way. I quickly learned that the 'P's' referred to pauses. Basically, take a breath and PAUSE for several seconds at a time (I am a fast talker so this helped out tremendously). The notes that were included throughout the speech were also very helpful. For example - bring the mood down, become excited, or the audience will laugh here. When I was presenting the speech, it amazed me that every audience reaction note that Cliff wrote throughout the speech ('audience will laugh here'), is exactly what the audience did. Just as Cliff predicted. Talk about being in tune with the audience.
My first speech went so well I was asked back to speak a month later. There is no bigger compliment than that. I couldn't have done it without the inspiration and confidence that Cliff gave me. He keeps things exciting and adds a new and different twists for each new audience. I actually love motivational speaking now and look forward to each and every opportunity I get to share my story. "