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IMPORTANT NOTE: We can custom create any program for you, PLUS we are part of a network of Master Speakers that can speak on pretty much any subject. Below are some of our most popular events, but if you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call at 248-348-1023.

Keynotes: Click on keynote title for more details. These events can be tailored to fit any time slot between 45 minutes and 2 hours.

*Anti-Elevator Speech - Networking
*Art of Making Your Company Memorable - Marketing
*Choosing To Win - Motivational
*Don't Be Afraid of Fear - Motivational
*Don't be a Sales Monster - Advanced Sales Techniques
*Powerful Speaking For Sales People - Presentation Skills
*Shape of Your Speech - Presentation Skills/Marketing
*Speaking To Convince - Presentation Skills/Sales
*Speaking on the Fly - Presentation Skills/Sales/Marketings
*Story Telling for Business - Presentation Skills/Marketing

Workshops, Small to Large Groups: Click on keynote title for more details. These events are from half a day to one week.

*Certified Master Speakers Program (1 Week)
*Choosing To Win (2 days to 1 Week)
*How to be Funny (½ day or 1 day)
*Interviewing Revolution - Advanced Job or Contact Interviewing Sills
*Speaking for Executives (1-3 Days)
*Speaking for Sales and Marketing People (1-3 Days)
*Speaking for Politicians (1-3 Days)
*Story Telling for Business (1-2 Day)

Coaching and Services, One-on-One or Small Group: Click on keynote title for more details. Designed for client as needed.

*Presentation Design
*Presentation Coaching
*Speech Writing
*Winners Coaching

Program Descriptions

*The Anti-Elevator Speech
Based on Cliff's book by the same name, this keynotes will show you the tricks and techniqued to network in a much more productive way. Connect with business contacts and potential customers in seconds. Don't be the commercial, be the show. Minimum time needed - 40 minute, Max. 2 hours.

*The Art of Making Your Company Memorable
Why do you remember some companies, logos and gingles, when other fade away in your mind? Want to be the company people remember? This is the keynote for you. This talk is filled with practical information you can apply immediately to improve the memorability of you or your company. Don't blend in with the crowd, be the company in the spot light. Minimum time needed 20 minutes, Max. full day.

*Choosing To Win
Henry Ford said, "Say you can, say you Can't, either way you're going to be right." Do you choose to win or choose to fail? You may not even realize that you are choosing. Learn to uncover the secret messages that you are telling yourself and discover how those messages are running your life. Minimum time needed 1 hour, Max. full day. Also available as a two day to one week workshop. The full week course is life changing and will stick with your forever.

*Don't be Afraid of Fear
Most people are running there lives based on fear. Most of the time, these fears are not based in reality. Learn the techniques to not let fear run your life. Be happier, healthier, and more successful. This talk is the quick fix to learn to run your life, instead of life running you. Minimum time needed 30 minutes, Max. 90 minutes.

*Don't be a Sales Monster
Most sales techniques were created in the 1950's, but most of today's customer weren't even born at that time. Today's customer needs, wants, and demands more. In this fun and very interactive presentation, the secrets the sales masters don't want you to know are revealed. Don't be like a 50's B-movie horror monster, bring your skills up to date and improve your salesmanship in a fast and fun way.

*Interviewing Revolution
If you're looking for advice like dress nice, sit up straight, and bring and extra copy of your resume, you've come to the wrong place. Those tips are from Interviewing 101. This is the doctorial theory class. Learn to crawl inside the mind of the interviewer and discover what they truly want to know. Never give a bad answer again. Navigate the pitfalls and the opportunities of any interview and maximize your chances to be the person or company selected. These techniques work just as well interviewing for jobs or interviewing to land a contact.

*Powerful Speaking for Sales People
Charge up your sales force with an easy to apply system that works to help close more sales. This four step system will help salesmen to give a presentation that will have purchase orders flowing. Minimum time needed 1 hour, Max. 2 hours.

*Shape of Your Speech
How can the same presentation work one day and flop the next? This workshop will answer that question and show you how to prevent the flops. Learn to identify your who is in your audience and how to reach them everytime. Minimum time 1 hour, max 1/2 day.

*Speaking to Convince
Many speeches are designed to get the audience to agree with your point of view. Political speeches, sales speeches, and rallies are perfect examples of these type of speeches. This workshop will give you the tools to increase your odds of being successful. Learn how to reach every member of your audience and get them to consider your message, product, or company. A must for anyone who has to sway someone's opinion.

*Speaking on the Fly
Speaking on the fly, or impromptu speaking is the most common form of communication. You do it everyday. Each time someone asks for your opinion, expertise, or conclusion you are speaking on the fly. This workshop will give you the tools to "NEVER GET STUMPED AGAIN." You will look confident and knowledgeably every time. This is a must for anyone that talks to people. Hint, that's everybody.

*Story Telling for Business
There is no better way to get your point across than by telling a story. This workshop will show you how to select story ideas, develop your stories, and deliver them in an interesting and captivating way that will make your audience remember your message. Also available in a 1-2 day workshop.

*Certified Master Speakers Program (CMS)
Love to get letters after your name? Want to be the person that everyone wants to see speak? This is the program for you. Five days, ten hours per day, with other CMSi (Certified Master Speakers). This will be the most intense week of your life. You'll barely have time to eat or sleep, but you will learn every tip, trick, and technique known in the speaking world. The course ends with a written and performance test to certify you as a Master Speaker. Want to get great? Don't like to wait? Then this is the program for you.

*How to be Funny
Believe it or not, there are tricks to being funny. You don't have to be born that way. This workshop is for anyone that wasn't the class clown. Learn to put humor into your presentations because, as they say, "you know have to make them laugh unless you want to be paid."

*Speaking for Executive
Few people realize how difficult it is to be an executive. The pressure, the responsibility, the decisions that have to be made. No where is that more apparent them when you have to speak. This workshop is designed especially for YOU, the executive. Learn how to command attention, garner respect, and convince your audience. This is the workshop for any executive who wants to be the one who inspires, motivates, and informs.

*Public Speaking for Sales People
Let's face it, sales people make their money with thier mouths. If they can talk great, they can make their quota or surpass it. This four step plan will improve your ability to present and close the sale. Isn't that want we all want?

*Speaking for Politicians
Politicians have some every unique demands placed upon them. Short speeches that have to have impact, debates, TV and radio appearences, and so much more. Want to get a leg up on your opponents? This workshop will give you the skills to be a master politician and capture the minds and hearts for the voters and your constituants.