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Audience in the Palm, Public Speaking Training,Public Speak Courses,Cliff Suttle

Note: The CD's are sold out, this product is only available in MP3 format.

Audience in the Palm - Public Speech Coaching in a Box

"I've already listened to every CD TWICE!" Ken Egervari
Can't get to one of Cliff's speaking workshops? How about the next best thing. This CD set was recorded by Cliff and shares many of the same tips you would get from his amazing seminars. Each CD is on a specific subject in order to maximize your time and effort. Buy only the CD's you are interested in or collect the entire set. More CD's on other subjects are coming soon.

If you get even one amazing idea from these CD's it will be worth the price, but we know you'll get way more than that.

Here are the current list of topics:

Public Speaking for Cowards

Tips and techniques to stay calm and refocus your thinking to allow you to enjoy your time in front of an audience.

Powerful Openings - for public speeches

Want to start your speech with a bang? Learn how to capitvate your audience right from the start.

Story Telling Part I

A great speaker is a master story teller. Learn how to find and cultivate amazing story ideas and mold those idea into creative works of art that will mezmerize your audience.

Story Telling Part II

Now that you have your story, learn how to deliver the story in a way that will have your audience hanging on your every word.

Big Endings - for public speeches

It's the last thing your audience will hear before they head to the parking lot. Make it count and be remembered long after your speech is done.

Public Speaking for Sales People

The tips you need to have your audience buying your products by the score.

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